October 1, 2014
by Rose B

Success Habit #3 – Listening

How well you get on with others comes down to two things…listening and rapport.  Whenever you have a problem with someone it is generally because you have a lack of rapport.  Highly successful people know how to build rapport using the art of listening.

Do you really hear what people are saying? 

Most people are so busy thinking about what they are going to say next or waiting for an opportunity to speak, that they fail to hear or acknowledge what the other person is saying.  Sound familiar?

The other person then doesn’t feel valued or heard.  You don’t have to agree with what’s being said, you simply have to listen and acknowledge. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Avoid using the word ‘but’ because it negates everything that came before it.  Particularly if you use it to reflect back what someone just said and then go but…(you have just lost rapport).
  • Avoid the words “I understand” because it opens yourself up to the argument of ‘you don’t understand, how can you possibly understand?’
  • Instead use the words ‘I appreciate and…’followed by your opinion about the subject.  This acknowledges that you have heard what they have said, value it and can respectfully then bring up your own viewpoint.

Try it out these simple tactics and discover the difference in how people respond to you.

Listening requires you to silence the noises in your head, actively listen and focus on the person speaking.  You will discover so much more about a person, their business and what their needs are.

Ask yourself, am I really hearing how they feel and how it affects them?  Only when you truly understand the other person’s viewpoint, have heard and acknowledged it can you jointly find ways to meet their needs and yours, in a collaborative unified way.

You can use this technique for sales, in business and or your personal relationships.  Highly successful people know how to use listening to closely meet the needs of others.  Being able to solve a problem, fill a need or desire is the simplest way to build a business and create successful relationships.  Success Habit #3 – Listen.


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September 30, 2014
by Rose B

Success Habit # 2 – Believe in Yourself

Life comes with many challenges, physical, emotional and financial.  The one thing that will get you through all of them…is belief in yourself.  Knowing that even if you are alone, the one person you can rely on is you.

You are self-reliant, strong and love yourself.  You are comfortable enough to acknowledge the flaws, yet love yourself anyway…knowing that no one is perfect.

You hold strong to your ideals, for your opinions matter.  As each person is unique, so are you and you have much to offer the world.  Wondrous, funny…talented you!

If things get you down, remember that storms pass and what seems hard today will be the faintest memory in the future.

You are everything you need to be.

Much love, RB.

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September 29, 2014
by Rose B

Success Habit #1

Traditionally when the New Year rolls around, we set some new goals.  To lose weight, get a new job, travel, start a savings plan, whatever it is for you.  We start off full of new ideas, sure that we will make it all happen and then life gets in the way.  And you forget about what you started.  You may have made some progress but haven’t ticked off everything on your list, sometimes maybe only 1 or two goals.  Sound familiar?

So how do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

Let me share something with you…you can reinvent yourself instantly.  The power to transform your life is within you always.

By shifting your thinking and changing your self-talk, you can instantly bring more of what you want into your life.

Express a desire to be or do something different and the neurons laying dormant start to fire off.  Take some action towards those long desired goals and a chain reaction starts to happen.  The excuses you have given yourself up to now, no longer hold true for you.  The barriers holding you back disappear, for they were never real…just thoughts.  The only thing holding you back is you.

Anything and everything is possible for you.

Rewrite your goals right now.  Where do you want to be in 2 months’ time, 6 months’ time, 1 year from now?  What do you need to do or learn to make that happen?

Start with some first steps, make a plan, print it out and keep it with you.  Identify one or two things you can do right now that will move you towards your goal.  Commit to doing those things and with absolute certainty you will feel the shift happen.

Taking action is the key, the Universe will respond to what you ask of it always.  The power has and always is, within you.

We are waiting breathless…for all you about to become.

Much love, RB.

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September 7, 2014
by Rose B

A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive – Book Release

Rarely do a spruik a book, however friend Ted Coine and his partner Mark Babbitt have their new book release happening this month in September.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Ted Coine, Chairman and Founder of Switch & Shift (  earlier this year when Ted was about halfway through writing this book.  The focus of the book is how businesses must adapt to survive in the Social Media Age we now find ourselves in.

Ted gave a delightful interview and some rare insights into his new book, filmed as part of my Next Generation Power Summit 2014 series on social media, digital marketing, branding and entrepreneurialism.  Ted is a keynote speaker and one of the most influential business experts on the web, particularly in social media circles.  You can watch the full interview with Ted Coine on my video blog page here.

Mark Babbitt is CEO of YouTern, a community that enables those in career transition and President of Switch and Shift, a consultancy dedicated to leadership in the social age.  Mark is a keynote speaker, blogger and father of five.

A World Gone Social gives you the tools and information you need to survive and thrive in a business climate where customers hold all the cards.  I pre-ordered by my copy from here  and can’t wait to read it.  You can follow Ted Coine on Twitter @tedcoine and Mark Babbitt @MarkSBabbit .  Program your mind for success and don’t let anything stop you from getting there! Much love, RB

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September 4, 2014
by Rose B

How valuable is SEO to your business now that we have social media?

Well search engine optimisation (SEO) still has a place in launching your website and helping you get found online.  If you underpin everything you do to post and distribute your online content with a keyword strategy in mind, then you can build and establish organic search engine rankings.

What do I mean specifically and how does it help?

Your website content needs to contain those keywords that customers would type into the major search engines to find your products, services and location.  Make sure to take advantage of the SEO tools on your website like meta tags and ‘alt text’ for images.  These are great for adding extra keyword content for the search engines, yet invisible to your site visitors.  This is much easier to do these days with a standard content management system and you should be able to do this for each web page.

When you write a blog post, tweet, article, directory listing or social post (and the list goes on) make sure to incorporate your keyword strategy in the titles, content, hash tags and keyword tags.  Wherever possible, use the ‘alt text’ function for images to provide additional keyword content for the search engines.

Think of your website as your new ‘business card’, it is the first place people are going to look for your products and services.  Always think about how the people you want to reach most, will find your ‘stuff’ amongst the plethora of content now available on the web?

Having rich, interesting content is part of that formula, yet there also needs to be a hook in the title or subject line.  When you write, consider the keywords related to your subject post that can be inserted.  Write in way that still feels natural for the person reading it, yet ensures the search engines can pick up the keyword content and index it in the places your ideal customer is looking.

There are many ways to manage your own online marketing campaign, if you know how.  I have always preferred to use methods that achieve established organic search engines rankings, where you never have to pay for pay per click advertising to get found by your customers.  It’s a system I’ve been using for myself and clients for a number of years and if you have a hankering for managing your own marketing, then I’ll be sharing how to do this soon.

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