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New Videos Tab in Page Insights on Facebook: Announcement

FACEBOOK MEDIA RELEASE Facebook's product manager Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza, announced this week the release of a new tool on Facebook to provide better insights into video performance metrics on FB. "Today, ...
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How to Build a Community of Brand Ambassadors Rather Than a Number of Followers | Margot da Cunha

Could you name half of the people you follow on Twitter? Ok, go! ...I’m guessing all you could come up with was Oprah and Nike? Perhaps there’s a brand or ...
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10 Innovative Approaches to Creating a Minimum Viable Product – Demian Farnworth

For some of you, the idea of launching a product stirs two competing emotions in you — hope and fear. Fortunately, this post is for you. We all fear getting ...
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One Simple Strategy That Turns Blog Posts Into Killer Sales Tools – Minda Zetlin

What are the chances that your carefully crafted content will actually result in sales? It will-if you use the right strategy, says Matt Certo, CEO of Findsome & Winmore and ...
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The Science Behind Viral Content – Jeff Foster

For digital marketers and online content providers, creating viral content is the ultimate win. When a single piece of content gets 100,000 views, that’s 100,000 potential converts for your brand ...
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