July 14, 2014
by Rose B

I found my new weekend job…chocolate connoisseur!



I’m pretty sure I missed my calling.  Sweet tooth inherited from my father, can you imagine this being a vocation?  Chocolate Connoisseur, the thing little girls (and boys) dreams are made of.  Did you ever have that dream as a child where you got accidentally locked in the local deli or shop?  And left to free range through the lolly aisle?

A Funny story…

I will never forget one of the larks my three brothers and I got up to as kids.  My mother worked night shift as a nurse, so we often found ourselves left to our own devices.  Back in those days you could cash in glass cool drink bottles for a couple of cents a bottle at the local deli.  For some time, we had oggled a neighbors increasingly large pile of bottles getting stacked up against their fence.

We devised a plan.  The four of us got the courage up to raid the neighbors stack, with wheelbarrow in hand.  We stacked it high, while one of us was the lookout.  And with my youngest brother in tow (only 4 years old) we trudged our cache up to the local deli and cashed in our haul for oodles of lollies.  Boy did we take our time, choosing carefully.  A rare treat.

We did one more raid after that, neither our parents or neighbours were any the wiser.  Until guilt caught up with us and we figured we’d had a good run and should give it up before getting caught.  Innocent fun of children, we did feel clever to have pulled it off in conjoined camaraderie…yet knew it was wrong. Compelled by sugar and yearning.

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June 28, 2014
by Rose B

Destiny – how to find your path to Happiness

If I could tell you one thing, it’s strive to be happy.  If your job or the people you are working with are sucking the life out of you or making you miserable, then it’s time for a change.  Life is not meant to be this hard.

You deserve to be happy and I believe in you.  Your strengths, your uniqueness and capacity to achieve anything you want in life.

Your smile is one of your greatest assets.  When was the last time you joyfully smiled?  What filled you with a sense of peace and satisfaction?  What would it take to bring more of what you want into your life and to be happy?

What would you need to have, be or do?

You only have one life, make it all yours.  Joyful, creative and free to be in true alignment with your core values, dreams and desires.

Is this selfish? No, for in this place you are the happiest and able to give the most (and the best parts) of yourself to the people you love.

People can sometimes be the biggest problems in your life.

Refuse to let people put you down, criticise you or not be nice.  If they choose to act in this way, recognise that you are not responsible for how they choose to behave. The most important thing is to stay true to yourself, do not waiver in your own beliefs.  For if you do, you allow other people to chip away at your confidence and self-esteem and from this, stress comes knocking at your door.

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The footprints we leave behind…

June 14, 2014 by Rose B | 0 comments



inspirational quote & photo, Sitecontent4u


I took this photo at sunset on Meeru Island, Maldives.  It the fabulous Asian Wok reaching out over the water.  All the footprints and their stories intrigued me.  A magical place, you’ve gotta put it on your travel bucket list!

Much love,


June 14, 2014
by Rose B

The Art of Listening by RB.

It often surprises me what a massive difference listening makes in achieving “success”.  And when I talk about success it could be anything – making a sale, meeting the needs of a client, or convincing an employee group or stakeholder to accept change or uptake your idea.  It could be delivering a great presentation, training session or webinar.

Listening is an art!

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It takes conscious awareness to focus on the needs of your customer, before your own. It requires you to pause and stop the noise in your head, where you are thinking about all those things you want to talk about.  Instead think about what is of interest to the person on the other end of your talk, meeting or interaction.  They are only interested in one thing “What’s in it for me?”

How can you help them fill a need, fix a problem or improve their business or life in some way?  How can they personally benefit or relate to what you are saying?

Great presenters and sales people come up with solutions and ideas that closely match what their customer or tribe has asked for.  They have also been smart enough to ask the right questions. They know for sure one thing…how powerful “listening” is.

Keep it personal

Ever sat in a corporate presentation getting told how good change is going to be for you?  With corporate executives banging on about organisational values, statistics (pie charts – yawn), past achievements and wait for it, the new objectives.  All wrapped in glossy corporate videos, PowerPoint presentations and handouts (which by the way, the audience doesn’t care about).  At the heart of it, they have forgotten one crucial thing.

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