September 7, 2014
by Rose B

A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive – Book Release

Rarely do a spruik a book, however friend Ted Coine and his partner Mark Babbitt have their new book release happening this month in September.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Ted Coine, Chairman and Founder of Switch & Shift (  earlier this year when Ted was about halfway through writing this book.  The focus of the book is how businesses must adapt to survive in the Social Media Age we now find ourselves in.

Ted gave a delightful interview and some rare insights into his new book, filmed as part of my Next Generation Power Summit 2014 series on social media, digital marketing, branding and entrepreneurialism.  Ted is a keynote speaker and one of the most influential business experts on the web, particularly in social media circles.  You can watch the full interview with Ted Coine on my video blog page here.

Mark Babbitt is CEO of YouTern, a community that enables those in career transition and President of Switch and Shift, a consultancy dedicated to leadership in the social age.  Mark is a keynote speaker, blogger and father of five.

A World Gone Social gives you the tools and information you need to survive and thrive in a business climate where customers hold all the cards.  I pre-ordered by my copy from here  and can’t wait to read it.  You can follow Ted Coine on Twitter @tedcoine and Mark Babbitt @MarkSBabbit .  Program your mind for success and don’t let anything stop you from getting there! Much love, RB

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September 4, 2014
by Rose B

How valuable is SEO to your business now that we have social media?

Well search engine optimisation (SEO) still has a place in launching your website and helping you get found online.  If you underpin everything you do to post and distribute your online content with a keyword strategy in mind, then you can build and establish organic search engine rankings.

What do I mean specifically and how does it help?

Your website content needs to contain those keywords that customers would type into the major search engines to find your products, services and location.  Make sure to take advantage of the SEO tools on your website like meta tags and ‘alt text’ for images.  These are great for adding extra keyword content for the search engines, yet invisible to your site visitors.  This is much easier to do these days with a standard content management system and you should be able to do this for each web page.

When you write a blog post, tweet, article, directory listing or social post (and the list goes on) make sure to incorporate your keyword strategy in the titles, content, hash tags and keyword tags.  Wherever possible, use the ‘alt text’ function for images to provide additional keyword content for the search engines.

Think of your website as your new ‘business card’, it is the first place people are going to look for your products and services.  Always think about how the people you want to reach most, will find your ‘stuff’ amongst the plethora of content now available on the web?

Having rich, interesting content is part of that formula, yet there also needs to be a hook in the title or subject line.  When you write, consider the keywords related to your subject post that can be inserted.  Write in way that still feels natural for the person reading it, yet ensures the search engines can pick up the keyword content and index it in the places your ideal customer is looking.

There are many ways to manage your own online marketing campaign, if you know how.  I have always preferred to use methods that achieve established organic search engines rankings, where you never have to pay for pay per click advertising to get found by your customers.  It’s a system I’ve been using for myself and clients for a number of years and if you have a hankering for managing your own marketing, then I’ll be sharing how to do this soon.

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August 30, 2014
by Rose B

Unwind and Relax in Bali – Travel Blog by RB.

For the first time, I now understand why people flock to Bali to unwind and relax.  We spent six days in Bali recently doing just that and I have to say it doesn’t get much better if you need to de-stress and rebalance.

We stayed at the Bali Niksoma, a new boutique resort on Legian Beach offering deluxe rooms and villas. It’s located between the Padma and Jayakarta with great views of the beach.  It has two pools including an Infinity pool, fully equipped gym, spa, great food and half price cocktails at sunset.  It’s close to everything and a short walk to get a massage, do some shopping and eating out.

Confessions…I spent 5 days straight getting pampered, total bliss!  Joined by friends, the only agenda we had apart from all being there to celebrate my sister-in-law’s 40th birthday, was to relax and unwind and take in everything that Bali had to offer.

Here are some must haves for the girls to do:

  • Visit the Shampoo Lounge in Seminyak – great service and pricing on haircuts, colouring, blow dry and treatments.  We did a mix of hair treatments, collagen eye masks and some of the girls in our group had false eyelashes applied for the 40th birthday celebrations.  Funky, cool vibe and great staff (
  • While in Seminyak – pop into the Blue Glue Outlet and check out the stunning bikinis, one piece bathers and beach accessories.  The store alone is worth a look, with a water feature running under the floorboards and exquisite detailing (
  • Shopping in Seminyak – is more upmarket though worth a look.  Expect to pay $40 – $100+ USD per item.
  • Shopping in Legian – there are plenty of street stalls where you can bargain for sunglasses, bags, women’s wear, children’s wear and menswear from $5 to $30.  Great if you want to pick up some casual summer gear.
  • Shopping in Kuta – you can’t go past Matahari’s department store in central Kuta for ladies handbags, women’s wear and menswear.
  • Budget Beauty stops – we couldn’t go past a daily massage priced from $7 AU for one hour.  Both the guys and gals on our trip tried out the massages, facials and reflexology.  The girls went a bit further with foot scrubs and nail treatments.  Two and half hours of pampering will set you back about $25 AU.  You can see why I totally wigged out for five days in a row on beauty treatments!  Here are a couple of decent budget spas we found in our travels – Boreh Bali Body Work (Jln.Werkudara 523 in Legian) and Luna Spa (Jl.Padma Utara) in Legian.  Best advice I can give you is to get there before 2pm, because it gets pretty busy after 4pm and you may not get in.  Testament is the number of thongs out the front.
  • Yoga by the Pool – Sunday morning 8am at Bali Niksoma for guests.  We stretched, saluted the sun and found parts of ourselves where we could let go.  For guys and girls…doing yoga with a beachfront view is something else!

For everyone, some great places to eat and drink coffee at are:

  • Cocoon Beach Club, Seminyak – is walking distance from Legian Beach Road.  The architecture is very cool, amazing service and great food.  Half price cocktails, well priced and regular functions happening.
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffee, Jalan Pantai – is located about halfway along the main road into Kuta, walking from Legian end.  The décor is amazing, fresh white with cold towels handed to you on arrival.  Fabulous service, great staff and a good place to stop in if you need a classy toilet stop.  Good coffee and well worth the visit.
  • Teba Sari Bali Agrotourism – offers locally grown organic coffee (including Lewak coffee) and herbal teas.  It can be found halfway to Ubud in Br. Kelingkung, Lodtunduh, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali. With generous free tastings and tour to see how everything is made, it was well worth the look.  My favourites which I brought back to Oz were the Red Ginger Tea and Rosella tea.  We grabbed a driver for the day (costs $50 AU) who drove us up to Ubud to take in the sights including this coffee stop, Ubud markets, the best Nasi Goreng lunch in Bali overlooking the rice paddies and waterfall on the way down.

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For the socially conscious, I was quite affected by the condition of the Bali street dogs.  I just wanted to gather them all up and rescue them with a good feed and a bath.  So much so, that after arriving home I investigated how I could help out.  I discovered the Bali Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC) who rescue and care for suffering, starved, abused and neglected dogs in Bali.  I made my first donation of $100 this week to help them out and will continue to support them every month.  It’s one of my new mantras since coming back from Bali.  If you are interested to see what they do or would like to donate visit  You can also sponsor a neglected dog or critically ill dog from as little as $10 a month.  Follow BARC on Twitter @barc4balidogs or Facebook @

The other mantra I came home with was to rebalance and de-stress my life.  The stark contrast from my everyday life and pausing to stop and take care of myself in Bali, opened my eyes up to how much stress we carry.  Until that point, I hadn’t realised how much it was affecting my health and wellbeing.  Having been diagnosed with ‘Cluster Headaches’ four and half months ago (which was an obvious sign) and yet here I was, still in denial about stress being a major cause.

So I have signed up for regular yoga classes, gotten back into the pool to swim laps, I’m eating green and finishing work at reasonable time (no work on the weekends).  It’s amazing what a little time out can do to raise awareness within ourselves of what needs readjusting, to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Finding the places where you can let go.

Namaste, RB.



August 13, 2014
by Rose B

How to Create Engaging Content for your Website Visitors…

I thought today, I would share some solid tips on how to engage and personalise your website content for your website visitors.  Notice I said “for your website visitors” – the whole point of having a website up is to engage, connect and encourage visitors to take up your lead generation offers (the ultimate goal).

Of course you would like them to get to know you more, your brand and how you can help them with whatever challenge is facing them right now – the gap your products and services can fill?  And I hope you’ve figured that question out.  If not, check your branding and core message and the vision you have for your business.  Does it align with the needs and wants of your audience and is it a true reflection of what you want to offer the world?

Okay let’s move on, so engaging content means:

  • You’ve personalised the text content of your website, so you are talking directly to your customer.  Think of it as having a conversation.
  • You have injected your personality and branding into your conversation, web design, multimedia, images and content marketing on your site.
  • There is more to your website content than just selling – invite them in first, relationship build or at least offer the chance for your customer to get to know you first. Then insert your lead generation tactics.
  • Tell people what you want them to do on your website – where do you want them to go to next, click, view, read or get access to (nice way of asking for the order).
  • Don’t forget the freebies – apart from helping build your list of prospects, it provides the opportunity to engage your site visitor for longer.  If they stay longer, you have more opportunity to build a relationship with them and convert the sale.
  • Mix up your content mediums to cater for all the different types of communication and learning styles.  For example, some people prefer to see, touch, feel or hear what you are saying.  Your aim is to gain interest, excite, intrigue, invoke a feeling, thought or desire so people want to know more about you and your products.

Wake up people, your website is more than a token explanation of who you are and the products and services you offer.  Somewhere in there you need to convey:

  • Your Point of Difference – what makes you stand out from your competitors and why should I buy from you?
  • How do I trust you and get to know more about you?
  • How are you going to capture my attention?



Let’s face it there are millions of other websites and businesses out there offering the same or similar products and services to yours.  In the ten seconds or less that you have to convince me, what is it that’s going to make me stay longer to find out? RB.

August 12, 2014
by Rose B

With social media there is no magic formula, the secret has been in front of you all along.

The human world of connection now travels at lightning speed, intricate webs of communities, groups and tribes growing on a daily basis.  The human need for connection has not changed; it has just found a different vehicle for communication in social media.

When anything is new it can be confusing and feel a little daunting, particularly in finding the place or niche where you fit in.  Yet we all know at the heart of learning comes experimentation, until we find a strategy that works for us.

With social media there is no magic formula, the secret has been in front of you all along.  Liken it to the school yard – there were the popular kids, the brainy/nerdy kids, the sports nuts and the kids who struggled to fit into any group…not sure of who they were yet.  The ones in the popular group had just figured it out before we did.

What matters most is being yourself.

The drive for numbers (followers and likes) is an empty goal because the value is in the connections and relationships that you personally foster.  Don’t go buying likes or followers – these are empty calories that will not sustain the vision you have for yourself or your business.  There is no loyalty or real connection with this tribe because you haven’t earned their trust yet, you just played a game.

Is it a popularity contest?

Unless you’re a rock star, talk show host or a diva – then no.  What may seem like a daunting number of followers to attract and connect with, it’s not about the numbers at all.  If that’s your goal then you’ve missed the whole point of social media.

If you have ever done any networking, you know how long it takes to build good connections and for the investment in your time to show a return.  Social media is much like that, why would you expect an instant following, when people don’t know you yet?

It’s not the ‘sale’ on the end of a tweet or like, that will draw people to you.  It’s the opportunity to connect and make a difference in someone else’s life.  It’s about getting to know you first, as someone we can trust, laugh with, and share your story.

Funny animal pics


You also need to figure out who your particular audience is, because it’s not everybody.

Who is it that you want to specifically connect with, what are their interests?  How can you fill a gap or need, or share your knowledge? Insider tip – curate 30% of your content (the latest news in your industry) , post original content (30%), be present and connect for the remaining 30% (follow/like/favorite/share).

Social media is here to stay; it may change form and traverse in ways we don’t even know about yet.   The power is in staying connected and visible to your tribe, in the places they are hanging out.

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