October 20, 2014
by Rose B

Leading Others through Change – A Manager’s Guide

For organisations to remain competitive, change is inevitable.  Creating a culture where employees are flexible and adaptive to change can be quite a challenge.  The initial resistance encountered is generally because of a ‘fear of change’ or ‘fear of the unknown’.

Employees want to know ‘what’s in it for them’ and ‘how will the change impact them directly?’

Unless you answer these two questions right up front, it doesn’t matter how positive the change is for the company or how aligned change is with your strategic goals…no one’s listening.

So what can you do to smooth the way for change?

1.  Analyse the change impacts before you announce changes to staff.  Being well prepared to answer the hard questions can help allay fears, keep situations and people calm.

  • Think about who will be most affected by change and what matters to them most.  Generally staff concerns will be at a lower level of detail than your ‘big picture’ pitch. Employees are primarily interested in how change affects their business area, team structure, job role and entitlements.

2.  Create a Stakeholder Map – to identify likely positive adopters and resisters to change.  This helps identify who are the influencers (negative or positive) within the organisation and who you need to ‘move states’ (to and from) to ensure change is successfully adopted.

3.  Gain Executive Sponsorship – when things get tough, having strong and supportive backing of an Executive Sponsor will help reinforce the drivers for change and strategic importance of change to the organisation. This is particularly helpful when there is a high level of resistance.

4.  Use Communication Mastery – to announce change and manage resistance.  Some handy tips are:

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October 19, 2014
by Rose B

The Flower that blooms in Adversity is the most rare of all.

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Your inner power is unveiled by the challenges you face and overcome.

You are never alone, for as far as the eyes can see is the Universe…and the Universe is you. Brilliant particles of thought traversing incandescent pathways of being.  Connecting and reflecting your deepest desires and dreams.

In this rare and beautiful place, remember you have much to offer the world.

Much love, RB.

Rose B.

October 6, 2014
by Rose B

Success Habit # 5 – Being in Balance

Creating the life of your dreams is an exciting path.  To be ready for it and have the energy to pursue those dreams you need to in balance, both physically and emotionally.

The things that will take you off track are stress, poor health and being out of alignment with who you truly are.  Being exceptional means taking care of you, first.

Here are my top six tips for staying balanced:

(1) Find time to exercise - we move much less than we used to.  Hunters and gatherers we are no longer, so how do we maintain healthy fit bodies?  By moving, stretching and getting outside in the fresh air.

Find something you love doing whether its bush walking, swimming, bike riding, kayaking, dancing, yoga or taking the dog for a walk.   Set your alarm earlier, get up and get moving.  You know how good it feels after you have exercised, the hardest part is starting.  Once you’ve walked out that door, the rest is easy.

Know that your body has amazing powers of rejuvenation, to recondition, get fit and feel strong.  Start small and build up slowly, start loving and appreciating your body.  Revel in the process and how exercise makes you feel.  More energised and vital, ready to take on the world.

Our health can challenge us at times; stress can be an underlying factor as can living sedentary lives eating highly processed foods.  We age and with that come problems associated with wear and tear.  So how do we remain youthful and in a state of good health?

(2) Eat green - reduce the amount of processed foods in your diet and start eating more organic fruits, vegetables, grains, free range eggs, protein, healthy fats and vitamin rich natural foods.  Avoid artificial sugars, refined sugar, white flour and highly processed foods.  Cut down on the coffee and introduce some herbal teas into your life.  Increase your water intake by adding some sliced lime or lemon wedges.

Short on time? Spend some time on the weekend cooking up healthy foods and freezing for the week ahead. Blend a protein and fruit shake in the blender for breakfast before heading out.  Planning = healthy eating.  Avoid crazy diets, calorie counting and focus on natural healthy eating. Your body will love all the more you for it.

(3) Find some stress release strategies that work for you (and we are not talking wine here!)  We all deal with stress in one form or another.  Whether it’s from work, relationships, demands on our time or leading busy lives.  It can impact on the positivity of our mindset and derail our health if not addressed.

So how do you reduce the impact of stress in your life?  By treating yourself well and taking time to pause and rejuvenate the body and soul.  Here are some of things I indulge in to centre myself, to give you some ideas:

    • Weekly massage followed up with a healthy protein shake from the juice bar;
    • Hatha yoga on a Sunday morning or a swim before work;
    • Taking time out for self, away from the demands of home.  It can be as simple as walking round the shopping mall window shopping, sitting outside with a scented candle lit and coffee writing my blog, going for a drive and listening to some great music. Taking my beloved pooch for a walk in the bush.  Remember to take time out for you, you so deserve it.

(4) Check in with your relationships - and make sure everything is fine with your partner, children and keep in touch with friends.  It’s good and healthy to share what’s going on in your life and to give the people in your life the opportunity to share what’s going on in theirs.  Support each other and have a laugh.  It helps you stay connected and nourishes your relationships.

(5) Let it go - if you are having relationship difficulties with anyone, whether professional or personal remember they are responsible for how they choose to feel and react.  You are not responsible for the feelings or reactions of others, they are.  Be kind to yourself and let it go.  Focus on the things you have the power to influence in your own unique and wonderful way of being.

(6) Consciously realign yourself – often the biggest source of stress comes from being out of alignment with your deepest desires.  Feeling stuck in a job, unfulfilled and not doing what you love most…can drain the life out of you.  If this is resonating with you, ask yourself what is that you truly want?  Finding yourself here, means you have moved far away from the real you and the things that make you truly happy.

Think about the things you love doing and write them down.  How can you bring more of what you want into your life?  Put those thoughts and feelings out into the Universe.  The laws of attraction and synchronicity will respond to you.

What actions can you take to get more of what you want?  Start forming a plan, for you can have, do or be anything you want in life.  The power is within you to be truly happy and in conscious alignment with your divine self.  RB

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October 5, 2014
by Rose B

Success Habit # 4 – Be Solution Focused

Ever find yourself mired down in problems and negative thinking, not sure of how to turn things around?

When focused on the problem and how it makes you feel…the frustration, the uncertainty of how to solve it…your mind is not open to anything else.  You are literally unable to see the solutions.

Let me share with you a simple technique that will change this mindset instantly and help you find clarity.

Find somewhere quiet to sit, with no interruptions.  Focus on a small spot on the wall in front of you and raise your eyes a little.  Sit and focus on that spot for one or two minutes.

With your eyes still focused on the spot in front of you, start using your peripheral vision to take in everything else around you to the left and right without moving your head or your eyes.  See how far you can see using your peripheral vision, even behind you…as far as you can go.

Now looking at the spot on the wall and taking in everything you can see with your peripheral vision I want to explain something to you.  The tiny spot on the wall that you are focusing on is your problem, everything else you can see in your peripheral vision are the solutions.  Can you see how narrow your thinking has been?

By taking your focus off the problem and on the solutions, infinite possibilities are available to you.  Your mindset shifts and the problem instantly feels small.  You feel lighter and more capable of handling whatever situation is facing you.

Remember this technique whenever you find yourself stuck. The answers are waiting for you, when you know how to tap into them.

And you do.

Much love, RB.

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October 1, 2014
by Rose B

Success Habit #3 – Listening

How well you get on with others comes down to two things…listening and rapport.  Whenever you have a problem with someone it is generally because you have a lack of rapport.  Highly successful people know how to build rapport using the art of listening.

Do you really hear what people are saying? 

Most people are so busy thinking about what they are going to say next or waiting for an opportunity to speak, that they fail to hear or acknowledge what the other person is saying.  Sound familiar?

The other person then doesn’t feel valued or heard.  You don’t have to agree with what’s being said, you simply have to listen and acknowledge. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Avoid using the word ‘but’ because it negates everything that came before it.  Particularly if you use it to reflect back what someone just said and then go but…(you have just lost rapport).
  • Avoid the words “I understand” because it opens yourself up to the argument of ‘you don’t understand, how can you possibly understand?’
  • Instead use the words ‘I appreciate and…’followed by your opinion about the subject.  This acknowledges that you have heard what they have said, value it and can respectfully then bring up your own viewpoint.

Try it out these simple tactics and discover the difference in how people respond to you.

Listening requires you to silence the noises in your head, actively listen and focus on the person speaking.  You will discover so much more about a person, their business and what their needs are.

Ask yourself, am I really hearing how they feel and how it affects them?  Only when you truly understand the other person’s viewpoint, have heard and acknowledged it can you jointly find ways to meet their needs and yours, in a collaborative unified way.

You can use this technique for sales, in business and or your personal relationships.  Highly successful people know how to use listening to closely meet the needs of others.  Being able to solve a problem, fill a need or desire is the simplest way to build a business and create successful relationships.  Success Habit #3 – Listen.


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