August 13, 2014
by Rose B

How to Create Engaging Content for your Website Visitors…

I thought today, I would share some solid tips on how to engage and personalise your website content for your website visitors.  Notice I said “for your website visitors” – the whole point of having a website up is to engage, connect and encourage visitors to take up your lead generation offers (the ultimate goal).

Of course you would like them to get to know you more, your brand and how you can help them with whatever challenge is facing them right now – the gap your products and services can fill?  And I hope you’ve figured that question out.  If not, check your branding and core message and the vision you have for your business.  Does it align with the needs and wants of your audience and is it a true reflection of what you want to offer the world?

Okay let’s move on, so engaging content means:

  • You’ve personalised the text content of your website, so you are talking directly to your customer.  Think of it as having a conversation.
  • You have injected your personality and branding into your conversation, web design, multimedia, images and content marketing on your site.
  • There is more to your website content than just selling – invite them in first, relationship build or at least offer the chance for your customer to get to know you first. Then insert your lead generation tactics.
  • Tell people what you want them to do on your website – where do you want them to go to next, click, view, read or get access to (nice way of asking for the order).
  • Don’t forget the freebies – apart from helping build your list of prospects, it provides the opportunity to engage your site visitor for longer.  If they stay longer, you have more opportunity to build a relationship with them and convert the sale.
  • Mix up your content mediums to cater for all the different types of communication and learning styles.  For example, some people prefer to see, touch, feel or hear what you are saying.  Your aim is to gain interest, excite, intrigue, invoke a feeling, thought or desire so people want to know more about you and your products.

Wake up people, your website is more than a token explanation of who you are and the products and services you offer.  Somewhere in there you need to convey:

  • Your Point of Difference – what makes you stand out from your competitors and why should I buy from you?
  • How do I trust you and get to know more about you?
  • How are you going to capture my attention?



Let’s face it there are millions of other websites and businesses out there offering the same or similar products and services to yours.  In the ten seconds or less that you have to convince me, what is it that’s going to make me stay longer to find out? RB.

August 12, 2014
by Rose B

With social media there is no magic formula, the secret has been in front of you all along.

The human world of connection now travels at lightning speed, intricate webs of communities, groups and tribes growing on a daily basis.  The human need for connection has not changed; it has just found a different vehicle for communication in social media.

When anything is new it can be confusing and feel a little daunting, particularly in finding the place or niche where you fit in.  Yet we all know at the heart of learning comes experimentation, until we find a strategy that works for us.

With social media there is no magic formula, the secret has been in front of you all along.  Liken it to the school yard – there were the popular kids, the brainy/nerdy kids, the sports nuts and the kids who struggled to fit into any group…not sure of who they were yet.  The ones in the popular group had just figured it out before we did.

What matters most is being yourself.

The drive for numbers (followers and likes) is an empty goal because the value is in the connections and relationships that you personally foster.  Don’t go buying likes or followers – these are empty calories that will not sustain the vision you have for yourself or your business.  There is no loyalty or real connection with this tribe because you haven’t earned their trust yet, you just played a game.

Is it a popularity contest?

Unless you’re a rock star, talk show host or a diva – then no.  What may seem like a daunting number of followers to attract and connect with, it’s not about the numbers at all.  If that’s your goal then you’ve missed the whole point of social media.

If you have ever done any networking, you know how long it takes to build good connections and for the investment in your time to show a return.  Social media is much like that, why would you expect an instant following, when people don’t know you yet?

It’s not the ‘sale’ on the end of a tweet or like, that will draw people to you.  It’s the opportunity to connect and make a difference in someone else’s life.  It’s about getting to know you first, as someone we can trust, laugh with, and share your story.

Funny animal pics


You also need to figure out who your particular audience is, because it’s not everybody.

Who is it that you want to specifically connect with, what are their interests?  How can you fill a gap or need, or share your knowledge? Insider tip – curate 30% of your content (the latest news in your industry) , post original content (30%), be present and connect for the remaining 30% (follow/like/favorite/share).

Social media is here to stay; it may change form and traverse in ways we don’t even know about yet.   The power is in staying connected and visible to your tribe, in the places they are hanging out.

August 11, 2014
by Rose B

Serenity is found on the path to freedom, give in to your dreams.

Inspirational Photo with quote


Photograph and Quote by RB.  If you haven’t yet, get along to Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens.  This beautiful scene caught my eye, so serene!

August 10, 2014
by Rose B

History can bind us in the here and now…or show us the fragility of its roots. RB


inspirational photo with quote


Photo and quote by RB.  I came across this amazing old world cottage whilst driving around the back roads of the Grampians.  It was breathtaking!

August 9, 2014
by Rose B

Take time to pause and rejuvenate the soul this weekend!


inspirational photo and quote


Photograph and quote by RB.  This is the amazing view from Andy and Ray’s farmhouse in the Grampians.  They tend the garden themselves, borne of much love.  Take time this weekend to pause and rejuvenate the soul!

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